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How to get dolls for children

The selection of baby and child dolls must be adjusted for age. This is so that the toy provides comfort and does not cause harm to children. Some toy ingredients are dangerous for babies and early childhood because generally, children like to bite and put everything into their mouths. In addition, the selection of baby dolls according to age will stimulate curiosity so that it helps growth in each development. Next is the selection of baby and child dolls for preschool and kindergarten. If you want to get cute silicone dolls, you can visit our website.

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At this age, we can begin to give dolls that stimulate children’s imagination. Giving a doll that can be replaced, combed her hair, or as if she was invited to walk around is a recommended choice. Preschool children can also know what they can or should not eat so they can give them a doll with details and a part that can be removed and removed. At the age of kindergarten, children usually have an idol who they want to manifest in themselves. Give puppets of characters, such as ballerinas or princesses that will develop imagination and dreams (especially for girls).

Again, pay attention to the sex and age of the child when choosing a baby doll. The right toys will be beneficial in the development of children’s imagination, motor and cognitive. If the chosen baby doll feels less appropriate for its age, we can still store it neatly and cleanly for children when it grows up later, right? The comfort and safety factor must still be prioritized over price and aesthetics.

Doll size and material must also be considered by parents who want to give dolls to your baby. Do not give a doll that is larger than the baby’s body, because the baby will find it difficult to play it will even feel afraid if you see the doll. Maximum, the size of the doll is no more than three-quarters the size of the baby’s body. As for the ingredients, choose a doll made from soft, light, and the material is not easily separated.