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3 Tips to Keep Your Bouquet of Flowers Not Easy to Wither

Have you ever wanted a fresh and more durable bouquet of flowers? If it’s usually only 2 or 3 days, you want to keep it for 3-7 days ahead. Besides, there’s no harm in also loving your partner because the flowers you give are well cared for. Therefore, consider the 3 following ways. Meanwhile, visit the flores medellin if you look for high-quality flowers sanangel.

1. Store a bouquet of flowers in normal temperatures. Do not store it in the refrigerator, because when it is released it makes it even more wilted

You might think storing a bouquet of flowers in a cold-temperature refrigerator will make the freshness last. In fact, you don’t always keep a flower bouquet constantly in the refrigerator. This method is certainly not good because the temperature in the refrigerator with the outside – such as placed on a table of rooms is certainly different.

2. Avoid placing a bouquet of flowers in a place that is exposed to sunlight and spraying it with water directly. Because the freshness doesn’t last long

Exposed to direct sunlight is actually good for plants. However, there are several types of flowers that cannot be directly exposed to this light. For that, you should try to find a place to place a flower bouquet that is not touched by direct sunlight. Likewise when you want to spray with water – that is, it is recommended not to directly. If forced, then your flower bouquet will quickly wither.

3. Routinely cut 1cm flower stalks every day so that not most water is absorbed

If the flower vase section is filled with water, then the bottom flower stalk will absorb it. The longer it is stored, the more absorbed water will be. To overcome this, you can cut around 0.5-1cm of stem below every day so that not too much water is absorbed. It’s because too much-absorbed water will cause the flower condition to quickly wither. Even if you fill the water you need to measure it well, which is enough as high as 2cm measured from the bottom stalk. Then, you have to regularly replace water 1-2 days so that the freshness is maintained.