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Latest Mercedes S-Class and It Captivating Features

Who doesn’t know Mercedes? This car is known for its exclusive design and expensive price. But along with the development of the times, the demand to fulfill human desires is increasingly high. Luxury cars are now turning functions as one of the marketing tools for the business world. By driving a luxury car, it will be considered to have good finance so that it is more trusted for business matters. Unfortunately, the price of a car is too expensive so not everyone can have it. To overcome this, now many luxury car rentals have sprung up, including in London. This rental can even be done online, one of them through the website

Mercedes is one of the cars rented out at As is known, Mercedes has the advantages of a charming interior. But you have to check the latest Mercedes S-Class series called S 500 Maybach. This Mercedes series provides new features that will spoil you as well as benefit you, so you don’t feel in vain to rent the car. The following are features that are installed on the latest Mercedes S-Class:

– Eco Star / Stop System
This feature is claimed to be able to increase the efficiency of the car that works to automatically turn off the engine when the car is not running or is stopped, and the engine will turn on again after the driver releases the brake pedal.

– Collision Prevention Assist Plus
This feature is useful to increase driver awareness by giving signals if there are any vehicles or objects approaching through radar-based technology.

– Pre-Safe
This feature is the first feature of Mercedes-Benz that is able to detect instability in maneuvering. This technology is also able to predict collisions and work responsively to protect passengers and motorists. Start by closing the glass window if there is an open window until it tightens the seat belt automatically.

– Attention Assist
This feature is one feature that can help the driver when driving. The way is by observing through 70 parameters of all driving behavior. When the way of driving is different, the system will detect and provide signals through sound or visual.

The First Dating Tips for You who Are Shy

First dates can be a very stressful activity for you who are shy and easy to feel awkward. Fortunately, Cosmo has a few tips for those of you who are not familiar with the world of dating. Check out a few points from hippie dating site:

1. Don’t think that you have to be perfect.
Sometimes a date can feel like an appearance, or worse, an evaluation for an introvert. Don’t worry about your first date! Awkward or excited feeling is very reasonable, really. Just be yourself, and let it flow.

2. Know the type and location of the date that suits you best.
Usually, noisy places like concerts or music festivals will make it difficult for you to chat. But if the shadow of coffee date or meeting with him at the bar makes you even more nervous, maybe attending an event or watching a movie at the cinema will give you a topic idea to discuss afterward.

3. Wear a comfortable outfit that you like.
If you like to use jeans and sweaters every day, you don’t need to buy a new backless dress specifically for the first date. If your appearance is very different from usual, you will feel uncomfortable and more aware of yourself. Just use a comfortable outfit that you often use and look good on your body, then use a little makeup to make your face look more fresh. Bye bye, dark eye circles.

4. Prepare the chat topic.
If you are very worried about running out of topics, you can do a little “research” about it before meeting. If you have followed each other on Instagram, you can ask for the experience behind the hiking photos that look fun!

5. Don’t forget to ask back.
Girls, don’t just keep quiet after answering questions from him! Communication is a two-way street. Remember to ask back, or ask a new question related to the story of him.

This factor will affect your restaurant’s marketing success

The first impression of visitors, when coming and eating in your restaurant, can be very decisive whether they are satisfied or not. Visitors will begin to build perceptions, from the first entry to the restaurant, the speed of service, the taste of the meal, the hospitality of the service when payment, to handling the service of visitors when going home. You can also create promotional programs such as making special menus, food festivals, cooking demonstrations, giving giveaway on social media, giving children’s toys or holding drawing competitions for children, etc. In addition to promotions in restaurants and through social media you can also use other applications, namely geofencing which is useful for attracting consumers who can bring multiple benefits. Geofencing is very useful for companies that have a current restaurant base.

Counting the number of times your restaurant visitors come back, you can use to measure the number of your loyal customers. For a stand-alone restaurant (not in a mall) the ideal percentage of old guests (customers) is 70% – 80%, while new guests are 20% – 30%. You also need to pay serious attention if most of the new people come (except restaurants located in the rest area & resort) because you can rarely like their restaurant. The ability of employees and supervisors to sell greatly influences the amount of rupiah you will receive from restaurant visitors. How to offer dishes when taking orders, how to talk, the ability to sell extra food and drinks when ordering, will be able to increase purchases (purchasing power) of visitors (average check).

A large number of potential customers who make a party will be able to increase sales in your restaurant. Prepare special offers that are able to attract according to the desired concept. During a party, it is expected that the restaurant will not close in general because this builds up a bad image and disappoints other customers, especially loyal ones. Do not be tempted by profits for a moment, but also think about business continuity for the long term.

How To Choose A Good Brick

One type of building material used as a base for making walls is brick. For that, you who want to build a dream house with brick making, need to know how to choose and find the good quality brick. This is very important, considering the quality of the brick as a base material will also have a big influence on the quality of the walls that will be made. Get the best one at block wall contractor Phoenix.

As you know, one of the advantages of using brick is that it is anti-resistant or waterproof. These properties minimize the risk of water seepage on the wall. In fact, if the brick used is of good quality, seepage on the wall can be removed. Of course with the correct and good installation techniques too.

The difference will be seen if we look at the two brick surfaces in detail. Brick making with machines has a smoother surface because it has a better density compared to manually made concrete blocks.

To get a good quality brick, we need to know how to choose a brick that has good quality. If we have more costs, it would be better if we chose the machine-molded brick. Because in general, brick types of this type are indeed better when compared with brick that is printed manually. However, the price of brick molding machines is also more expensive.

If you buy a brick, try asking the seller about the composition of the brick provided. Is it appropriate, or at least close to the composition and ideal ratio, as described above.

Not only comparisons of composition affect the quality of the brick. The quality of the basic ingredients themselves is certainly also very influential. The best sand for making brick is a type of river sand/river. Indeed, it would be better if you can find out accurately the comparison and quality of brick making materials. You can try buying brick directly from the place that produces it.

3 Tourist Attractions In Saudi Arabia That Give You Different Experiences

Saudi Arabia is a country in West Asia. This country is the main goal of Muslims from all over the world to implement the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj. With the system of monarchy and Islamic law in his administration, it turns out that vacationing in this country will give you a different experience. Because this region is unique with many desert regions and one of them being the largest desert region in the world. If you have the opportunity to vacation in Saudi Arabia, you must visit these 3 special places. In the meantime, check out the recommended umrah packages 2018 if you’re planning to visit Mecca for a religious deed outside of the Hajj season.

1. Red Sea

The Red Sea is a place where Pharaoh sank, called the red sea because in the Red Sea there are many reeds and algae which in the summer make the sea water look reddish. Today the Red Sea is increasingly developing into a popular tourist spot with complete facilities, many new resorts built there. And especially in the Red Sea, there is the Arrahmah floating mosque which is located on the edge of the Red Sea, the beautiful scenery makes many curious tourists want to visit there.

 2. Mount Uhud

Mount Uhud keeps a long history of the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad from the Battle of Uhud in 625, therefore it is not surprising that this mountain located in Medina is a favorite religious tourist destination. At Mount Uhud, there is a burial complex that is given a 3-meter high fence and looks so simple, such as the tomb of Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib and Abdullah bin Jahsyi which is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Luckily you have the opportunity to visit this place.

 3. Ibrahim Palace

Ibrahim Palace or Ibrahim Palace is one of the historical monuments located in Ahsa Hofuf. This place has beautiful architecture, a blend of new architectural models with a local architectural heritage that appears in the form of arches and domes and decorations in the palace. This area was once the most important trade route in the world. Inside the Ibrahim Palace, there are various facilities, such as armories, galleries, and mosques with large domes.

Do Some of These Before Leaving Home

Leaving a house empty is often done by many people. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this can cause harm to them. For that, make sure you leave the house in a safe condition so that no thieves enter. The services of private investigator myrtle beach sc will be very much needed by you to protect your home. in fact, they have a hidden camera service to make you feel safe when leaving the house empty.

For those of you who often travel and leave the house empty. You must do some of the things below before leaving home. Some of the things meant here are

1. Save various valuables
If you have enough valuable items such as various jewelry and important documents, or also cash in the house, make sure all these items are stored in the safest place. If necessary, have a safe that has a security code so that all valuable objects have a safe place. Hide as best you can so that the place is unknown to the thieves.

2. Make sure all incoming access is locked
This is the most important thing to consider when you are leaving home. Not only the door must be locked, but all windows must also be closed tightly. Some people argue that the air inside the house is still fresh, even though this can make your house enter by thieves because there is an open gap.

3. Unplug all electricity and gas stoves
This one tip does not lead to theft, but there is a danger behind it. Your house could be a fire because there is electricity that is not cut off and the gas cylinder is still on. Make sure you pay attention to these two things to protect the danger that can occur.

You must also use investigator services so that you can monitor your home wherever you are.

Consider the Size of Your Shoes When Choosing Inline Skates

What do you think about the presence of Nowadays, the review of the best product, including inline skate is important to get. With bulk products available on the market, you have the chance to choose the wrong product. If this is your first experience, then make sure that you get the buying tips that will help you get even the quality inline skates at the affordable price.

Many people are mistaken in choosing a pair of inline skates. Children want Speed 110mm inline skates, in fact, they have never even skated. Small children ask for a pair of hockey type inline skates that will be used in the skate park. First of all, try immediately when you want to buy inline skates and are comfortable with your feet ?. This is because there are some people who are comfortable when wearing the right size and there are also those who choose the size of +1, +1.5 of the size that is often used.

Local SEO: Critical Things to Keep in Mind

Local SEO is a type of SEO that is specifically used to optimize search engines, especially for local businesses. By using local SEO, your business will appear on the first page of Google search results, especially in ‘Map Pack’ and ‘Organic Listings’. With the many competitors out there using Local Seo Delray Beach, you must also do the same thing to ensure that buyers will also find you easily.

At first, there isn’t much difference between SEO and local SEO. But for now, local SEO really helps you to optimize your business when people are looking for a place in a nearby location. Just like other SEO strategies, maybe local SEO sounds very technical. However, local SEO is a marketing strategy that is more effective and inexpensive compared to traditional marketing strategies such as advertising your business in the media or distributing brochures. Both of these traditional marketing strategies cost a lot. In addition, you also cannot determine the distribution channel based on who your segmentation is so that you cannot measure the performance of these two traditional strategies. Google My Business is the first step in local SEO. Google My Business is very important for local SEO because, without this tool, your business will not appear on map local map listings’ on the search results page. To create your Google My Business account, follow the steps below.

– Visit Google My Business
– Click ‘Start Now’
– You will be directed to Google Maps where you can find the location of your business. After you choose your location, Google will ask for verification that the business is yours. If you can’t find your business, click ‘None of these matches – Add your business”.

After that, you will be asked to fill in your business information, usually consisting of business name, address, and telephone number. Make sure that these data are consistent on the internet because it will greatly help your business through ‘citations building’.

Furthermore, you will be asked to confirm your business address with Google through the verification process. You can then add other information including pictures and business opening times in your business profile. Make sure you have entered all the important information.

The final step is to complete the verification process through ‘secret pin’ which is sent to your address. This will allow you to claim your business. After you successfully claim your business, there are several ways you can optimize your Google My Business page.

New Year, New Atmosphere? This Is A Simple Way To Refresh Room Design

In order to welcome the new year, what have you prepared? What about bringing a new atmosphere to your home? Renewing the look of the room design at Florence Residences can bring new energy, perfect the spirit of welcoming the new year.

There are many ways you can do to refresh the design of a Florence Residences room that looks worn, whether it’s a major overhaul or the addition of small details. Even so, don’t let you miss one thing. In renewing the design of the room, it is not only the visual beauty that needs to be achieved, but the convenience of the room users is the main thing. Choose objects that can add comfort value to the design of the room.

– Change the paint color in the design of the room

New color finishes that are applied well to some elements of the Florence Residences room design, such as on furniture and decor items and on the whole space are indeed effective in creating a different impression. Color can give a new rhythm to the design of the old room. Some of the ways you can change the color of the room design are by painting the walls in a unique way, applying wall wallpaper, and re-coloring furniture. Color changes in the design of the room can also be presented through soft furnishings such as pillowcases, curtains, carpets, and lamp shades.

– Adjust the material to the atmosphere you want to present

One of the elements that greatly influence the formation of Florence Residences room design is interior material. The choice of material made from or textured wood, for example, can provide a natural atmosphere that warms up to the design of the room. In addition, the wood is also soundproof so that it can protect the privacy of room users.

If you want to bring a cool impression on the design of the room, use ceramic or natural stone materials such as marble and granite as a coating for floors and walls. For a more modern impression of Florence Residences, glass or mirror can be installed as a garnish or ornament.

Know this before you buy or invest in condominiums

Condos or condos are residential choices that look like an apartment complex. Condo ownership allows owners to own condominiums but do not own the land. Condo owners must pay a monthly fee to maintain public areas. In general, the property owner association also manages the condo. Condo owners can do anything in their unit but not outside their unit. You must delete all related points about what you can do or not in the condo at the time of signing the contract. You must check whether the contract meets your requirements or not. On the other hand, check out the popular Bukit Timah Collection as well.

The condo you buy is like buying a single family home. Condos offer joint property ownership with partners and can use public recreation areas. Condos are a cheaper choice compared to the property market. This is the best choice for people who travel a lot. Some property owners offer condos with private kitchens and bedrooms that allow condominium residents to cook their own meals. They can save money by cooking their own food. Meanwhile, you may need to see the recommended Bukit Timah Collection too.

Condos offer ownership without harassment, maintenance, repairs and security issues. Condos are a choice of luxury and cheap housing and you can spend your vacation in a beautiful location. Before making a purchase, check parking spaces, bathrooms, fireplaces, condo areas, facilities such as swimming pools, health clubs, local fees, and security arrangements. In the meantime, the Bukit Timah Collection is also an excellent choice for a condo.

Buying a condo is an important financial investment. Before buying a unique condo try to answer for yourself some general questions such as:

Is the city area best suited to your lifestyle?
What type of condo do you want?
How much can you pay?
How do you make a condo purchase?

You must research the reputation of builders on the internet or personally before signing any type of agreement. Read the sale and purchase agreement carefully and check all the terms and conditions that will apply to the transaction. Aside from that, we’d like you to see the strategic Bukit Timah Collection as well.

Best School Uniforms for Boys that You Should Know

Wearing school uniforms is a badge of pride, showing the identity and also an important part of being a student. In wearing this uniform, everyone has no competition which being dressed in the newest trend or even to show their financial level. It will be a good choice to be implemented in every school. Here some recommendations of best school uniforms for boys that you should know:

1. French Toast SButton-Down Shirt
French Toast S/S Button-Down Shirt is one of best school uniforms for boys that you can choose. It has three colors, such as khaki, white and blue.
2. Uniforms Big Boys’ “Oxford Patch” Button-Down Shirt
This uniform has only one color, which is clear white. The price is cheaper than other brands, it is only cost $9.99.
3. Kaynee Unisex’ Button-Down Shirt
Kaynee offers white long sleeve that is very popular among the other boys. You can choose it for beloved son.
That’s all the information about best school uniforms for boys. Are you interested? Just buy it in the nearby store.

Advantages of Full Print Shirts

Custom full print shirts are currently in great demand, of course, this can not be separated from the advantages it has. The material used is t-shirt material that is identical to the feeling of comfort when worn, absorbs sweat, and is suitable for relaxing moments and for heavy-duty activities. The advantages of this t-shirt material will be more perfect with the full print cost technique where you can design the clothes motif as you wish. You are looking for the right type of screen printing and are not sure which one you will choose? The advantages of this full print embroidery shirt will help convince you.

1. In terms of technology used
In the past, everything was done in a manual manner, from working on complicated things to even the easiest things. One example is the full print custom t-shirt design process that uses sophisticated technology. The sophistication of this technology will give you satisfaction as a customer who wants to make an attractive, comfortable and sweet t-shirt design.

2. In terms of the quality of screen printing
Many parties open t-shirt screen printing services, but not many can satisfy our desires as customers. Full print custom shirts that have good quality workmanship including having the following qualifications, namely:

Screen printing adheres strongly to the base material. Thus, screen printing does not easily wear off, last longer, and the durability or durability of the shirt becomes longer.
Screen printing is attached to fabric fibers without covering the fibers. This will give you a sense of comfort as a user because there is still ventilation so you don’t feel hot when wearing it.
In terms of color, you can combine several colors at once, with strong, anti-fade, and long-lasting prints. Even complex designs can be done with full print custom technique with attractive color gradations.

Get Quality Drones By Paying Attention To Some Of These

In the past few years, you are certainly no stranger to the drones. This tool is often used in various fields to facilitate work. so, don’t be surprised if there are many people who have these tools. Someone who has a drone usually uses it for their various jobs because they will feel helped by the drone. However, there are various things that must be considered in choosing a drone.

Finding a quality drone is not an easy thing. There are many things that you must pay attention to. Although there are more choices, determining a quality drone is not an easy job. For you who want to buy a drone, you should still pay attention to the following points when you want to buy:

1. Camera Quality
For users of drones as a means of shooting or journalism, of course, a reliable camera is a top priority. Apart from buying a drone with a quality camera, you can also install your own action camera on a device that will be capable enough to take it flying.

2. Duration of Flying
The average duration of a quality drone to fly is around 15 minutes. With a time period that is not too long, you are required to be proficient in taking pictures as much as possible. That is why training is needed to strengthen the ability to become a remote pilot.

3. Mileage During Flying
Drones created not only have the ability to fly, but also the addition of GPS locking which allows it to immediately return to the starting point when the indicated battery will run out. However, this also depends on location conditions. If there are tall buildings around a flying drone, this device will usually experience signal interference. That is why the average drone can fly as far as 500 meters up to 1 kilometer.

4. Battery
Quality drones certainly have a longer flight period and short refill time, around 2 to 3 hours. In order not to interfere with usage activities, the pilot should prepare a backup battery so that it does not need to wait a long time for the first battery to be fully charged again.

How to get dolls for children

The selection of baby and child dolls must be adjusted for age. This is so that the toy provides comfort and does not cause harm to children. Some toy ingredients are dangerous for babies and early childhood because generally, children like to bite and put everything into their mouths. In addition, the selection of baby dolls according to age will stimulate curiosity so that it helps growth in each development. Next is the selection of baby and child dolls for preschool and kindergarten. If you want to get cute silicone dolls, you can visit our website.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7the-best-gift-for-your-toddler.jpg

At this age, we can begin to give dolls that stimulate children’s imagination. Giving a doll that can be replaced, combed her hair, or as if she was invited to walk around is a recommended choice. Preschool children can also know what they can or should not eat so they can give them a doll with details and a part that can be removed and removed. At the age of kindergarten, children usually have an idol who they want to manifest in themselves. Give puppets of characters, such as ballerinas or princesses that will develop imagination and dreams (especially for girls).

Again, pay attention to the sex and age of the child when choosing a baby doll. The right toys will be beneficial in the development of children’s imagination, motor and cognitive. If the chosen baby doll feels less appropriate for its age, we can still store it neatly and cleanly for children when it grows up later, right? The comfort and safety factor must still be prioritized over price and aesthetics.

Doll size and material must also be considered by parents who want to give dolls to your baby. Do not give a doll that is larger than the baby’s body, because the baby will find it difficult to play it will even feel afraid if you see the doll. Maximum, the size of the doll is no more than three-quarters the size of the baby’s body. As for the ingredients, choose a doll made from soft, light, and the material is not easily separated.

Choosing your haircut based on your purpose

Haircut must be one of the most important things to be concerned by the women. It seems to be such a crown that really determines your beauty. In this case, it is good that you can look great with many options of haircut. Thus, as you feel bored with your current option, you probably will try another. Otherwise, it feels so unfortunate that you have not put more haircut options into your collection. You must feel worried to try another haircut as you are not sure that it fits you perfectly. In fact, as you look up black health and wealth, there are abundant options of haircut that you can pick.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7Hairstyles-for-Black-Women.jpg

It is quite important for you to know the way how to choose the haircut that fits you properly. You must look much more mesmerizing when you can appear with great performance. For instance, you may once hear about long brunette bob style. There are many people that consider it as their favorite haircut. When you see that some people look great with certain haircut, you are likely interested in implementing the hair cut as well. However, before you implement it, it is quite necessary for you to have the answer whether it fit you or not.

With more volume, long brunette bob style is certainly perfect to implement for those with oval face. As you make volume layer of haircut, you can make your appearance with oval face in balance. For those that have oval face, it seems to be one of the haircuts that you must try.

Besides that, many women decide choosing this haircut as they feel that their face look slimmer. You can easily look great as you really understand of the ways that can make you great. By this way, you have already found another haircut that fit your oval face.

Here Are Some Types of Food You Should Avoid While on a Vegan Diet

Many people want to go on a healthy diet and in the right way. There are many types of diets that can be chosen and tailored to your needs. One of the most chosen diets now is the vegan diet. Dr Sebi can provide appropriate guidance on the diet. The right vegan diet will have a good impact on your body.

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However, when carrying out this type of diet, there are several foods that you may not consume. Some of the foods below are the types of foods that you should avoid to be able to run a vegan diet properly and smoothly.

1. Processed from grains
A vegetarian is allowed to eat green vegetables and whole grains. Not all grains can be consumed by vegetarians. Make sure you choose natural, non-processed grains.
Processed grains, such as instant rice and white flour contain less fiber and vitamins, and protein. When buying products made from grains, make sure that these foods are not processed seeds.

2. Eggs
A vegetarian certainly does not eat anything made from meat. But not only that, a vegetarian also does not eat animal products, one of which is eggs. Eggs have the possibility to become living things and come from a chicken. There are types of vegetarians who are still allowed to eat eggs and some are not.

3. Chips
Everyone in hunger will certainly look for snacks to eat. For a vegetarian, snacks like chips should be avoided because they contain high bad cholesterol.

4. Foods with too high sugar content or sweet foods
A vegetarian must have different nutrition than people who usually eat meat. To balance it, there are some foods that should be avoided. Such as cupcakes, sweet sweets, sweet cakes, and sweet cereals.
Sweet foods provide little room for useful foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and seeds. In addition, sweet foods can also increase the risk of tooth decay and increased sugar content in the body.

Why Kids Should Master Martial Art Including Karate

The recent surge in crimes against children certainly made Mama anxious. Just say starting from bullying, sexual abuse, rape, until kidnapping. Duh, it feels like you want to escort your child 24 hours a day, wherever he goes. It’s impossible to do that, right? Well, one of the solutions you might be able to think about is to include a martial arts course. Not to be a champion, but to give him the ability to defend and protect himself from all forms of evil. Princess Mama also should master a type of martial arts. Because, both boys and girls, they are equally at risk of experiencing criminal acts from those around them. Do you wonder how kids karate can help your kids having the protection and security?

Not only that, but martial arts ability will also protect children from bullying that their peers might do. Bully is usually done by children who feel strong, good at, or superior, to their weaker but friends. Well, children who have self-defense abilities will usually be respected, so avoid the victims of bullying. Martial arts training can also teach discipline to children. Regulations that are inherent in practice, such as the rules of having to arrive on time, doing movements well and correctly, carrying complete training clothes, etc., are examples of teaching good discipline for children. If children violate, there will be sanctions awaiting.

Self-defense training as part of physical exercise also provides health benefits for children. By getting used to exercise, children will grow to be fit and healthy. Movements in martial arts training will also train dexterity in children. He will be trained in reflexes when fending off an opponent’s attack, strong to take a hit on the body, and nimble to move in battle. In martial arts, there is a known increase in levels, usually distinguished by the color of the belt worn on training clothes. In karate, for example, the sequence is white, yellow, green, brown, black, and so on.